A beautiful smile is everyone's desire, a crooked or irregular teeth never creates a pleasing smile. People with teeth jetting out of mouth lose confidence while talking, smiling or laughing. Even during social gatherings, people with crooked teeth always tend to keep there palm or fingers in front of there mouth while smiling or laughing, this act shows there internal sense of unhappiness and dissatisfaction regarding there smile.An Orthodontist is a dentist specially trained 3 more years are qualified and certified professionals who deals in correction of misaligned teeth and jaws and help people with different types of braces treatment options.After completion of an orthodontic treatment (teeth straightening) people observe the transformation in their self-esteem and confidence as they experience the change in their appearance. It's amazing how, by straightening teeth, orthodontist is able to create a more beautiful face and attractive smile, no matter what the person age is!