Yoni Pichu is an Ayurvedic therapy designed especially for woman and for treating various gynaecological disorders. The treatment name is derived from the Sanskrit word Yoni meaning the genital part. The treatment involves procedures that cleanses the vaginal area using medicated oils.

Yoni Pichu Treatment Procedure

In the Ayurvedic treatment of Yoni Pichu, a sterile medicated cotton swab, dipped in medicated, Ayurvedic oil or ghee, is placed at post fornix of the vagina. The swab/roll of cloth should be retained for a specified period of time, as advised by the Ayurvedic physician.

Benefits of Yoni Pichu

  • Vitiated dosha can be nullified
  • Dhaatu can be strengthened
  • Subsidies pain
  • Improves hygiene
  • Prevents fungal and yeast infections
  • Treats recurrent miscarriage
  • Heal ulcers
  • Treats uterine, bladder, rectal prolapse
  • Cures post-menopausal vaginal dryness
  • Heals the damage done to the pelvic tissues
  • During pregnancy and labour helps to soften the vaginal canal enabling easy delivery and easy expulsion of placenta
  • Promotes laxity of the pelvic floor muscles to enable normal labour
  • Strengthens the vaginal muscles
  • Treats inflammation, erosions, infertility

Yoni Pichu is an ancient and very result oriented Ayurvedic treatment for gynaecological complaints and a complete solution for women’s genital ailments.