Curbing appetite is the biggest hurdle for anyone trying to lose or manage weight. Even if you get enough physical activity in your daily routine but do not manage to control what you eat then losing weight can be next to impossible. So how do you really get to the bottom of this weight problem and solve this problem of eating more than required by your body? Well here are some easy to do yoga poses that may help you control your urge to eat. These yoga poses help control food cravings by helping the body regulate the release of hormones that control appetite (both the hormones that increases appetite as well as decrease appetite and cravings). 

Warrior pose II 

Stand straight with feet together. Take a large step towards the left and bend the knee as in a lunge. Keep the right ankle facing outwards. Bring both hands out on the side and hold it there for a few seconds.


Downward dog pose

Lie down on your belly and then raise your hips keeping your feet and hands on the ground.Keep head facing down and press heels towards the floor.


Half boat Pose

Sit on the ground with legs straight. Bend you legs at your knee and and keep it in the air. Keep your hands in front and hold it for a few seconds

Plow Pose

Lie down on your back and relax for a few seconds. Slowly lift both your legs and take it behind your head and try touching the floor. If you cant touch hold the pose till your maximum limit and hold for a few seconds.

Extended side angle pose

Stand like in a warrior pose and keep the hand on the bent thigh with the other hand over your head stretching the spine.

Tree pose

Stand straight with arms on the sides. Raise your left leg and place it against the right inner thigh. Bring hands to prayer position and repeat for right leg.

The results with yoga poses takes time and requires being consistent.