Winter has its major effects on the physical as well as mental health of a person. Most of the people plan holidays in this season but some problems may become hurdles in the enjoyment. Our body demands more attention and care during this weather with varying temperature at times.

Get Ready to Enjoy Winters without Winter Blues!!

Winter blues is a very common problem that leads to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), if becomes severe. Prevent it with the natural remedies and rock on ahead.

Know the Winter Blues

As the name shows Winter Blues is a disorder that affects an individual in the winter season only, and caused by the changing temperature during winters. The temperature varies due to the changing moods of the weather such as sunlight, rain, fog, dewfall, snowfall, cold air, sudden fluctuations in the degrees of temperature, etc. These variations result in many problems, of which, winter blues is the most common. Winter Blues mainly includes the fluctuations in mood, appetite, and sleeping patterns.

Major Cause of Winter Blues

The major cause of winter blues is reduced exposure to natural sunlight, accompanied with the hormonal imbalance. Different affects of the winter blues can be seen in different persons, which we can call as symptoms of winter blues.

Symptoms of Winter Blues

  • Low Energy Levels
  • High Appetite
  • Weight Gain
  • Increased Sleep
  • Sudden Mood Fluctuations
  • Social Withdrawals
  • Chilling Sensations
  • Difficult to concentrate

Natural Remedies for Winter Blues

Embracing a healthy lifestyle with the help of some natural tips can help you combat the winter blues more easily with less effort. Taking care of the provided tips can help to get rid of winter blues as well as to safeguard ourselves against it.

Don’t let the winter blues grasp your amusement!!

1. Exposure To Sunlight

Lack of getting in touch with sunlight during winters is the major cause of winter blues as already mentioned above resulting in most of the symptoms of the same. Reduced exposure to sunlight causes hormonal imbalance. This imbalance results in instant changes in mood and thoughts diminishing the ability to concentrate. It also increases sleep and appetite. Exploring in the natural daylight or sunshine helps you to stay away from many health concerns including infections and winter blues.

Sunshine is the Greatest Destroyer of Unhealthy Bacteria!!

2. Proper Sleep

Keep a check on your timings of going to bed and waking up. A proper sleep can tackle many problems related to health as well as lifestyle.

Early to Bed & Early to Rise!

Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!!

It is well known to every person but due to the busy schedules, it is difficult to manage the sleeping patterns leading to many deformities. Manage your sleep to prevent a large number of health concerns effectively and efficiently.

3. Meditation

Meditation, being a brainstorming technique, boosts up the peace of mind and the body.

Meditation strengthens your Conscience as well as the Body!!

It increases the release of melatonin, a hormone present in the brain responsible for the happiness, and helps in healing the factors causing stress, anxiety and depression.

4. Walking

Researchers have proved that a minimum of 15 min. walk is really necessary for the proper functioning of various systems within the body.

Walk to live more!!

Walking within two hours of waking up is more beneficial to restore the actual energy of the body and maintain the energy levels for the whole day.

5. Exercise

Being inactive can affect your weight, your mood and ultimately your fitness to a great extent. Exercise encourages the balanced functioning of different body parts and keeps the body warm. It is the best natural way to stay healthy and fit, forever for life.

Exercise shapes your Body and Mind!!

6. Fresh Air

Being in fresh air for some duration during the day time or especially in the early morning helps us to stay away from the common problems arising out of slight changes in our surroundings.

Fresh Air encourages a healthy Mind and Body!!

7. Spend Time With Family And Friends

Spending time with our family and friends helps to tackle the biggest problems easily, as it provides relaxation to the mind and the soul that encourages our thinking ability.

Exploring with loved ones nurtures Positivity!!

8. Dietary Tips

In the cold chilling winters, our body starts to experience urge to eat more frequently.

Balanced Diet is the primary step towards a Healthy Body!!

- Hot Chocolate: Having a cup of hot chocolate once in every two-three days can help you relieve from winter blues in a balanced manner. Excess intake of hot chocolate can lead to unhealthy diet.

- Omega-3: Omega-3 supplements possess the anti-depression properties that improve the blood circulation and the brain functions.

- Vitamin D Supplements: Vitamin D is the most important vitamin needed by our body for optimal functioning. It enhances immunity and plays a significant role in managing the mood swings, the blood sugar levels, and encouraging the immunity. Though it has the major significance in maintaining our overall health, a majority of the population suffers with its deficiency. Save yourself against its deficiency by including Vitamin D rich sources in your diet such as Mushrooms, Milk, etc.

Sunlight is the best and natural source of Vitamin D

- Complex Carbohydrates: The complex carbohydrates take more time to digest, hence do not prickle blood sugar immediately, relaxing the mood, for instance, broccoli and spinach.


“Prevention is better than Cure”

Follow these natural and effective principles and keep enjoying the winter without disrupting your health and lifestyle.