After scorching summer heat that takes away water from the body & appetite too and the rattling rains that cause retention of water in the body & dampens the digestion in our body, here comes winter. Get ready to win health this

winter. This is the time to feed oneself the best of the foods around. Stay in pink of your health whilst enjoying pink winter!

‘Chaturmasa’ is over and the series of festivals too. Fasting that we observed on such days will be soon over. ‘Annakut Mahotsav’ is an occasion to enjoy winter time savouries abundant in veggies available in winters. Foodies, it is perfect time to indulge.

We need fats to generate heat so that we can keep ourselves warm. We need good fats indeed for this. The basal metabolic rate is raised in winter which means that the metabolic process to digest & assimilate that we eat is accelerated. So this is a good time to put right fuel into our body engines and so that it speeds up well on the way to good health. Good health can be adjudged primarily by one’s appetite, sleep, bowels and work efficiency.

Try out all the foods & classic recipes that are rich in all the basic food ingredients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins & minerals. Balanced food is what is needed to attain balance of health. Your diet should be warm, moist & heavy.

“Diet in commencing winter ( sharad ritu Sept. To Nov.) should be pittashamak and should contain more of madhur rasa( sweet flavoured ) as also snigdha (fatty) food stuffs unlike sour n salty food stuffs. Sharad Ritu is followed by

Hemant RituI( Nov. To Jan.) in which diet should be heavy, complemented by heavy exercise regimen” says Ayurvedacharya Dr. Sonali Mandhane

Ideally heavy food stuffs should be consumed in first half of day followed by tapering meals as day passes by. At the outset one should go for detoxification process through ‘Ayurvedic panchkarma or Homoeopathic Organ Detox or acupuncture organ attunement along with some herbal preparations. This will help one gear up one’s system for digesting good things that we eat and assimilate those well.

You should use grains like bajri & rajgira. You should have vegetable soups and stews, herbal tea etc Avoid salads, fruit juices, cold drinks, ice cream and refrigerated food stuffs & water. Fruits like papaya,guava,oranges, sweet lime, grapes, pears, cranberries, gooseberries, zizyphus( Ber), sugar cane are all delicious recipes of our mother nature. Extra serving of nuts like walnuts, cashews, dried coconut and peanuts is welcome. Enhance the goodness of these recipes with a splash of spices since these are said to be very rich in antioxidants and improve immunity. Spices like garlic, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, bay leaves & cloves can be used as per taste. Cheese, virgin olive oil, mustard oil, flaxseeds, countryside cow’s ghee and butter are sought after fats in winters. Optimum oil intake keeps our skin soft, supple and glowing and our hair healthy!

You can have herbal tea like fenugreek n cinnamon tea, green tea, honey ginger turmeric mix, tulsi leaves, ajwain halwa, rich gravies, curries, Chyawanprash. Traditional paan with ajwain, til, khus khus, dried coconut and saunf will help in diminished appetite. With all the cheer and merry time, the cosy winter is supposed to be appropriate season for conceiving babies with healthy life. Morning time sun bathing is strongly advised. Sleeping in daytime should be discouraged.

Winter is the time to repair, recover, rejuvenate our health and replenish our body reserves for rest of the year. This increases our immunity that is our resistance against various diseases. Don’t miss a chance to win health this winter!