We often read and hear that people above the age of 50 must go for regular health checkups and especially bone checkups. Why is it so? Shouldn’t everyone go for a regular health check-up irrespective of the age?

Surely, everyone is recommended to go for regular health check-up every six months or in a year at least. But when it comes to bone checkups, it is especially recommended for everyone after the age of 50 because of the following reasons:

  • You start losing your bone density.
  • Bones get more fragile.
  • Bones are prone to fractures.
  • Your bones get weaker as a natural tendency of getting old.
  • In women, around 25% of the bone mass is lost on the onset of menopause.

Regular checkups ensure that any deficiency of calcium, Vitamin D3, or any other minerals are known on time and, measures can be taken to regain bone health. Therefore, it is recommended for all men and women to go for regular bone check-ups after the age of 50.