Family planning is a dreaded word reminding us about days of emergency 1975-1977. 


Please read it below and dissect the reasons.

It's a long post but

Aankho Dekhi & I have shared with my peers in Professional Group on FB.

Most of the Doctors,both men & women can relate to the problems,they too face during their day to day Interactions.

And Government Blames doctors to be City Oriented !!

Can we,the urban elite change psyche of rural Indian women?

I am working at PHC in one among 2000 plus unauthorised slums and colonies of Delhi, where migrants as workers live in 6 feet rooms provided by the mighty landowners posing as farmers,squatting on fertile government land meant for agriculture. 

My services are voluntary as there's lot's to be done for family planning and I drive to work around 8 am ,all days including national holidays.

Being a woman doctor, in a slum where men doctors refuse to work,my work is suspected to be money oriented as if being mother of 3 educated and married daughters, being a widow too,people feel as if I am made homeless and I refuse to shout from rooftops that I am doing my job and taking no money for it and I am owner of a flat in one of the posh colonies of Delhi, a stark contrast from the rural areas within Delhi 

Here migrants are parents to minimum 5 kids and women are son obsessed 

Let it be ,accept the truth but why denigrate own girls? 

Why kill girls at birth?

Yes female foeticide demands lots of money vs killing girls at birth through deception and deceit 

It's a cultural shock for me at age 50 plus, after doing my heaven sent duties of considering daughters as Goddesses inside my home and treating women patients outside home as Goddesses first because I am charging at par with the charitable organisations at various religious places nearby and it's enough to sustain me,educate my 3 daughters as a single parent, marry them 

But I can't bring in my personal life in my professional life

I failed to counsel women because of the activities of quacks, MD colleagues nearby adept at earning by selective MTP s and maybe killing the unborn sons during the process of sex determination 

Few did get successful counselling and I could convince women to get operations of miniscule numbers of women 

Others are answerable to none 

These women try to blame in-laws and husbands 

Where's the maternal instinct?

Have you ever seen a female dog,just after she's delivered her brood of puppies?

Do observe for the sake of knowing her maternal instincts 

She will try to bite the hand of owner who tries to offer her extra foods as a good gesture but dog mother consider as if owner is trying to snatch her newborn!

Are human mothers worse than dog mothers?

Someone please enlighten me about the cuss word used as female dog ,bi##ch?

One mother has 9 children ,her own mother has 11 ,daughters mostly who survived by chance of free foods and education offered by the government 

Her eldest daughter is younger than her own sister 

And most of these folks belong to the BIMARU states of North India 

This is in stark contrast to the South India where education, health and family welfare are successful, maternal and infant mortality rates are lower 

Leaders may like to divide North India from South India without following the jobs well done as examples 

Try try and keep trying, as doctors We must

If government isn't concerned about family planning or is scared of the dreaded word reminding us about days of emergency, 1975-77 ,we as doctors have to remove fear psychosis as one to one ,don't fear the women patient and do counsel and women Don't have to fear the doctors equating everything done as related to forced family planning 

Why should only doctors take social responsibility as part of their jobs?

Why not each one of us as housewives, as educated and working women, as seniors who have lots of caretakers?

Start counselling about merits of less children and well-being of the girl child 

Each one among us ,reading and passing on the message to Others, connected through jobs ,neighbours, relatives and social connections 

Happy Navratras 

Remember that the real Goddess is here among us,living and breathing, as our own girl child, our senior mother, our daughter in law and other women in our lives

Goddess above will get angry if all of above feel the Neglect and Partiality towards men Only