There Are Actually Several Reasons Why A Tooth May Require an extraction! 

Have you ever needed to pull a tooth?

Well, Many people have!  While dental extraction may be the only option to protect a patient from further oral complication, many think of tooth decay as the primary or only reason a tooth should be pulled. The fact is, there are several factors or incidents that could potentially lead to requiring a dental extraction. But don't get your hopes down! There are many restorative options available in dentistry to replace your missing tooth following an extraction procedure.

Tooth Extractions a time tested procedure performed by an experienced Dentist at a dental office, these vase same dental offices also offers a variety of services including immediate implants – allowing your dentist and his team to replace an extracted tooth right after it's been pulled in many situations. Many patients are happy with this convenient option, as they are able to avoid the unattractive appearance and complication that come along with a missing tooth.

If Decay Isn't the Only Culprit, What Else Is?

Trauma to the tooth due to a physical injury or accident may fracture the tooth just enough to require being pulled. It's crucial to treat a damaged tooth differently in both infants and adults. When a child experiences injury to their deciduous tooth, the dentist will often recommend it be extracted. This is done to save the root and prevent potential damage to the permanent or adult tooth waiting to take its place.

In adults, a fractured tooth will be extracted and can be replaced with a dental implant and crown to restore the tooth that would otherwise be missing forever.

Sometimes It's Wise to Pull!

Another very common reason for tooth extraction is wisdom teeth! Whether they're causing pain in a patient's mouth or are impacted, these “third molars” are often pulled to avoid future problems or to help a patient resolve their discomfort.

While we can do our best to protect our teeth from damage, accidents do happen - and injuries can throw a curve ball at our lives when we least expect it. That's why it's important to at least do our part in making sure our teeth don't decay to the point of needing extraction.

We're here to help you keep those gems in your mouth for as long as you can!