YES! You read it correct. It is extremely essential to maintain a balance between everything to live a healthy life. For a lot of people who are having mental breakdowns or feeling low, it becomes the most comforting of all the things they can ever think of. They indulge themselves in rapid eating sessions without keeping any check on the amount of food galloped through their mouths. And that is what is referred to as emotional eating. I am sure you would be raising your eyebrows and can well relate to yourself. People who eat through their emotional breakdowns reach for food more frequently than a lot of other people who do not emotionally eat. For them, it becomes an escape from their negative feelings and they try to find happiness and comfort in eating too much. Sometimes, excessive eating brings along with it a more depressive feeling of guilt and shame.

It also eventually leads to weight gain that makes themselves an active participant of emotional eating. If we try to look for the causes of emotional eating, there could be many different reasons for the same.

  • The growing workload at office   
  • Peer pressure for specific something     
  • Health issues to any kind of relationship struggles, it could be anything

It is an issue which is gender neutral. But females get triggered more as compared to men. It is a well known fact that negative feelings almost always arise from some kind of void within and maybe the ones who indulge themselves in emotional eating would somehow try to fill that void through food. 

Food creates a false feeling of fullness and for that moment, the individual feels full and distract themselves from the void which is bothering them. But looking at it as a serious issue is necessary because it would in a way create awareness in an individual about how it is important to get out of it.

Emotional eating arises from stress, be it any kind of stress. So, to keep away from being stressed, one should think of other alternatives to keep oneself occupied. Instead of having food in heavy amount take small bites and chew them well, taking time to notice the different flavours and textures of your favourite food. Writing a journal would be a great idea, starting with any favourite pastime activity would help and sometimes being in the company of few quality friends also work wonders. Last but not the least and yet the most significant of all is that one should always face their fears and never to run away from them.

I would suggest you to be a PRACTICAL SMART rather than an EMOTIONAL FOOL.