How many of you, wash your kids toys with Dettol? I guess many of us..Why so??Just because we feel that tiny bacteria or germs hidden in the toys will touch our new born baby's skin or what if she puts a toy in a mouth....???? She will get infected soon and suffer from vomitting, diarrhoea, cold, coryza.. etc.. Do you really feels so? No, I am not. If a baby is at her healthy condition, she will not get any type of these symptoms or frequent infections.. Try to get in touch with baby's grand parents, they may not agree with you. Because they had never followed such methods like washing toys with dettol or frequently visiting pediatricians and giving bitter anti biotics liquid to baby.. It's just troublesome..Now what's the alternative for these very infamous solutions.Try to boost immunity of your baby here. How can we boost it ? With Homoeopathy, we can do it.Consult your Homoeopathic doctor for the solution. You just have to observe precisely what is going on with the baby.? Give every minute detail to your doctor, like for an example Your baby's Appetite, Stool color and consistency , any mucus or odor in stool, sleep pattern, color of vomit, etc.. This will lead to the best prescription for your child which not only gives best results for present conditions but also cures such complaints completely.. Even if your child is having dentional period and putting all the stuff into mouth or exposed to various infections in the air, he will not suffer from any complaints any more. This is called Immunity.I will share my cured cases with detail history and observations in upcoming posts.

"If you have further questions about your kids, don't hesitate to write me"