There are many symptoms of BPH/benign prostatic hypertrophy. The most common five are explained below.

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1. Nocturia - Getting up at night to pass urine, usually more than once. Most elderly gentlemen will get up once or twice to pass urine. That is normal. If you have cardiac disease or diabetes or drink a lot of water, you may get up more than that. But, if you are getting up more than twice, it is disturbing your sleep, you are not able to sleep after passing urine, you are having difficulty reaching the toilet or you are wetting your clothes or the bed, you need further evaluation.

2. Frequency - Going to pass urine more than normal during the day time. Different people pass urine different number of times. It depends on age, body weight, medications, amount of fluid intake etc. But, if you have noticed an increase in the number from your routine, and you are concerned as it is affecting your daily routine, its called frequency.

3. Urgency - Extreme need to go to the bathroom that is difficult to control. You may actually dribble or wet your clothes before even reaching the bathroom or unzipping.

4. Poor stream/Dribbling/ Loss of pressure - If you are feeling a loss of pressure in your urine stream, your urine dribbles on your feet, doesn't fall into the pot or the stream looks or feels thin.

5. Feeling of incomplete emptying - Do you feel that after passing urine, you don't feel satisfied that you have passed all the urine. That you still have some urine left inside and you keep trying to pass it.

So if you have any of these 5 symptoms it's time you consult a urologist.