Things to remember while on a vacation during pregnancy:

Two doses of tetanus toxoid injection at least 28 days apart are to be given to all pregnant mothers & if the subsequent pregnancy occurs within 5 years, only one booster is given.

Tetanus diphtheria acellular pertussis (T-dap) can be considered instead of the 2nd dose of tetanus to offer protection against diphtheria & pertussis in addition to tetanus.

The regular pertussis vaccine is contraindicated in pregnancy.

Tdvac - tetanus & diphtheria vaccination can be an alternative if T-dap is not available.

IAP suggests immunization of pregnant women with single dose of Tdap during the third trimester (preferably between 27 to 36 weeks). Tdap has to be repeated in every pregnancy.

Influenza vaccination is recommended for mothers from 26 weeks onwards .In case of pandemic, the influenza vaccine can be earlier to protect the mother. The inactivated influenza vaccine is recommended in pregnancy.