Missing teeth

Teeth are usually extracted when there is a loosening of teeth due to a gum disease, a deep decay that cannot be restored or fracture of teeth due to trauma. Extraction of teeth is complete removal of the tooth with minimal trauma to surrounding tissue so that healing is complete and teeth can be replaced without complications.

Is replacement of teeth necessary?

Missing tooth /teeth have to be replaced as it restores function and improves aesthetics. If an extracted tooth is not replaced, it leads to migration of adjacent and opposing teeth in order to fill the extraction space. This leads to food impaction causing dental caries in adjacent teeth, weakens the adjacent teeth which may lead to loosening of teeth in due course of time ultimately leading to loss adjacent and opposing teeth. Hence it is important that teeth are replaced as early as possible.

Does it take a long time to replace teeth?

The common fear of replacement of missing teeth is that it takes a long time to replace and adjacent teeth have to be contoured to make a bridge. But with the advent of tooth implant can be replaced in a day.

What are Tooth implants?

Tooth implant functions just like a natural tooth and is therefore considered as a new standard in tooth replacement. Tooth implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or complete replacement of upper and lower arch.

 Tooth implant comprises of 3 parts namely implant acting as artificial root is a metal post or frame that is surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath the gums, abutment that holds and support artificial teeth and a crown that is visible in the mouth that mimics natural teeth.

Tooth Implants versus fixed bridges. Which is Better?

While fixed bridges require the cutting of good tooth structure from the adjacent teeth, and partial dentures require other teeth to hold them in place. These teeth are severely weakened by the chewing forces on partial dentures. However, the implant provides stability to the jawbone without damaging teeth.The long-term success rate for tooth implants is 97 percent.

Can Teeth be replaced in a day?

Yes. It is possible that missing tooth can be replaced with a tooth in a day. The following are the procedures which dentist/team will consider in making this treatment successful, Extraction of existing unrestorable tooth or root; Simultaneous placement of the implant, which will mimic tooth root. Placement of a crown that mimics your natural tooth.

Traditional concept versus newer concept of implant placement

The traditional concept of implant placement is to allow single tooth dental implants to fully integrate with the bone before “loading” them with biting forces. Hence permanent Implant crowns are placed following successful osseointegration. However recently demonstrated that immediate” teeth implants (teeth in a day) have high success rates in comparison with the implants that were allowed to heal for some months before receiving any type of crown. 

With the recent advances in dentistry, it is possible to choose the correct implant type and size, to prefabricate the crown (and abutment if necessary) and to fabricate a surgical guide to ensure accurate and exact implant and crown placement. However, success rates of replacement of missing teeth in a day depending on post-implant placement care by the patient as well. The patient should be careful for the next 6-8 weeks following implant placement in not giving too much biting force to ensure complete attachment of implant with bone.

Want to restore your smile? 

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