Tongue thrust, also known as reverse swallow or deviate swallow, is a condition in which the tongue is pressed up against the teeth or between them while gulping. In many cases, this condition leads to the movement of the tongue incorrectly to the sides, instead of forward to the teeth. This improper positioning of the tongue can occur even as the tongue is at rest, and in this case, it will lie too far forward.

Types of Tongue Thrust

Tongue thrust is an orofacial myofunctional disorder (OMD), having many different types.

  • Improper closing of the lips, also known as anterior open bite.
  • Anterior thrust refers to the case when the upper incisors are stuck out.
  • Bilateral anterior open bite is the situation in which the children have a tongue that is larger than normal and when the bite is closed, the molars are the only teeth, which are in contact.