While Vacuuming-

  • The Lunge: 
    Adopt a step position and posture as in the sport of fencing, with one leg stepping out in front .this way you can easily shift forward and back in various directions. As you step forward, you can reach forward with your vacuuming hand. Keep your pelvic “bowl” level. Put your other hand on your hip or thigh to take weight off the low back and help you stay up. Attempt to change vacuuming hands every once in a while.
  • Kneeling and Half kneeling
    These methods lower your center of gravity and automatically take some of the bend out of activity. Try the as alternative positions for a few minutes. They are really comfortable.

Dusting and Polishing-

Attempt kneeling or half kneeling when working on low surfaces. Prop your inactive arm on yourself or on the furniture to take more weight through your arms and less through your spine. 

Doing the Laundry-
Avoid overloading the basket. Avoid slumped or overarched alignment when lifting, loading, and carrying. Load with one hand while taking weight through the other. Use exaggerated good alignment when lifting and carrying.

Doing the Dishes, Ironing or Cleaning Windows-
These tasks are similar to each other in that they involve sustained standing in a slightly forward- bend position. Place one foot up on a box or chair or inside the cabinet under the sink to help level your pelvic bowl ; and/or tense the muscles of your buttocks and lower abdomen to maintain your pelvis stable, level, and firmly up against the counter. For one-handed tasks, prop through your “resting” arm to take weight off the spine

Making the Bed-

  • Avoid slumping or arching over the bed. Lean up against the bed and bear weight through one arm when reaching

  • Try smoothing out the sheet and tucking the corners while kneeling on a pillow. This makes the job much easier.