Holi is a festival of colors and joy. We all love playing Holi but restrict ourselves because of the adverse effects of colors on our skin and hair. So we decided to share some quick tips and precautions that you can keep in mind to prevent side effects of colors on your skin.Here’s the list.

1. Moisturize your skin well. Apply some good hydrating moisturizer or oil like coconut or olive oil at least one day before Holi and also just before playing with colors. If you have very sensitive and dry skin then only moisturizers won’t help you to hydrate the skin, have plenty of fluids as well.

2. It’s not only your skin but, your hair also needs to be protected from the side effects of colors. So, apply hair oil.

3. Protect your eyes, ears, nose, and hair. Avoid putting on contact lenses on the day.

4. After the pre-prep for Holi, you still need to be careful about certain things to avoid colors taking a toll on your skin. So, sunscreen is a must on the day of Holi as you are going to be out in the sun all day.

5. Wear full sleeves and long clothes to make sure minimal skin area is exposed to the colors and water.

6. I know we don’t get to choose the colors that are applied to us but, we can choose dry, natural, herbal and organic colors for playing with others. These colors are virtually safe with minimal adverse effects on the skin and hair. Avoid synthetic, metal-based and glass powder colors. Also, you should refrain from dark and wet colors.

7. Sitting in the sun can make the color stronger and hard to wash off, so do not sit in the sun with color on your face and body.

8. If you feel any irritation or redness, then immediately wash off the color with soap and water and apply a good moisturizer or aloe vera to soothe it down.

9. The big chunk of care starts after the colors are washed off and skin is traumatized by the after-effects of the festival colors. Make sure you take a shower with a block of soap and do not use any detergent, scrub or turpentine oil to remove color as they can lead to irritation, allergy or infection to the skin.

10. Your skin can feel dry and dull after this trauma so apply a good amount of moisturizer for about 3-4 times a day.

11. If any redness of skin persists after Holi, consult your dermatologist. 

Holi is an amazing time to enjoy the beauty of colors and reunite with family and friends, so enjoy the festival without damaging your skin.