Sex is keys of happy married life. Sex is the very basic of a relationship of husband and wife . It brings two people close to each other enhancing their bond and further taking it to the next level. However, in the present day and age, healthy and passionate sex life is taking backseat because of the poor lifestyle that people live. Here a few tips for healthy sexual life:

Although these tips look simple but the efforts put in to achieve them can reap moments that you will cherish with your partner. Intimate moments that you spend with your partners make for the memories that you two will cherish for many years to come. Also, these tips will improve your overall relationship with your partner:

Spend time together – It is one of the most commonly heard excuses for avoiding sex. Lack of time for sex is something that should not happen. Believe it guys, you can always take out time for sex provided you want to. One of the best ways to take out some moments for each other is by scheduling the entire day and sparing few hours to be with each other. This will boost your anticipation a well as sexual arousal. 

Foreplay – It is important for you to understand that exciting sex is not merely about having sexual intercourse; it is more about naughty foreplay which leads to intense sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Remember, the key to great sex is not about for how long you spend time doing it, it is about how well you perform, and foreplay, for sure, is an integral element of it.

The emotional factor – Sex is much more than a physical act. Your emotional quotient with your partner has a great role to play in your sexual life. Try to make your partner comfortable and better.