It’s no surprise that we are getting burnt out more easily than our ancestors. What’s more surprising is, how little we do to combat that stress. Here are 5 quick stress-busting tips that guarantee  a fun and happier life!

  • Love and Support : A great support system goes a long way. Whether professionally or personally, if you have a network of people you can fall back on, that’s a great stress reliever!

  • Vitamin D to the rescue : Ever wondered why beaches are popular holiday destinations? The sun is a powerful weapon against stress. It directly affects serotonin-a feel-good neurotransmitter that helps maintain a good mood. So, soak up the sun and say bye to stress!

  • Me-time : Stress usually means that we have a lot on our plate to deal with!Therefore,a little 'ME-TIME' everyday,is essential to keep our sense of peace intact.Some people like to take a nap in the middle of the day,some like to watch movies.Some prefer to read,some like to write.For some people indulging in sports or exercise provides great relief.Whatever it is that makes you feel more in touch with yourself,is something that needs to be done more!
  • Dance away! : There’s a reason dancing is a favourite hobby for kids the world over. You know that instant happy feeling you experience while dancing? Yeah! that’s what we’re talking about! For those of you who don’t believe us,dancing is a proven stress buster, as it releases happy hormones! Dance away,and soon stress will be far, far away!
  • Exercise : Our body produces a lot of energy which needs to be utilized.Unfortunately,our lifestyle has become such,that our health takes a back seat.But, incorporating 30-45 mins of any form or exercise-walks,yoga,gym,jogging,aerobics etc does wonders for our mood as well.The healthier we feel,the better our mind is able to handle the truck loads of information coming our way.

Stress is so common that most of us actually experience physical and psychological symptoms. Scary as it may sound, beating stress is not rocket science. All we need to do is,spend some more time with ourselves and loved one ans do the things that we enjoy (even if in small amounts)!