We have come to a world where innovation has changed the face of dental health with automated tooth brushes and tubes of toothpaste infused with exotic minerals. But what these millennial innovations haven’t been able to do is restructure the basics of dental health that has been there in Ayurveda since ages, i.e. tongue scraping. 

Tongue scraping is essentially the removal of plaque on the upper surface of your tongue with a narrow and thin metal tool called tongue cleaner. The metal is thinly blunted to avoid any injury and is ideal for tongue cleaning when it is made out of copper or steel. Now before you wonder why this absolutely amazing dental health tradition has been there for ages, let us explain the key benefits of the same below.

Healing Your Bad Breath And Oral Health Problems

The plaque on your tongue is the remnant of everything that you have eaten in a day which fails to make it to your gut. Consequently, it stays on your tongue in a decomposing state that generates a bad odour. This is usually the cause of bad breath problems you face in your daily constitutional duties. Scraping the plaque away during your daily dental cleaning can help you avoid that issue.

Boosting The Absorption Of Carbohydrates

You must be aware that the initial digestive process that takes place in your buccal cavity, i.e. the mouth. Right after you take a bite of your food, any starch, and carbohydrate present in the bolus starts getting absorbed through the upper surface of your tongue. Removing the plaque clears the way and facilitates the initial digestion of carbohydrates.

Strengthening Your Digestive Gut And Reflex Actions

Removing the plaque also helps in removing the toxins that is reflected upon the whole digestive process. It also helps in removing the harmful bacterial growth that interferes with the secretion of digestive juices. Scraping your tongue also enhances your reflex actions as you delve deeper towards your throat.