Getting and eating healthy is all about bringing a change in your thought process. It is also about doing some head-hopping into a thin person’s head!

Do you know? Thin people think about food differently. For e.g. if they see the food they like most and if they are not hungry, they will say to themselves:

“I like this food very much but I am just not hungry. I will eat this only when I am hungry.”

Overweight people will, however, react differently in the same situation. They will look at the food and will startfeeling hungry, even if they have eaten something. This is called mental hunger. They will eat and will put on more weight.

There is a very big difference between the thought process of a thin person and an overweight person.

How does a thin person think?

  • I ate something that I didn’t plan to, but its okay. 
  • I will be more careful for the rest of the day.I can do it; it’s not a big deal. I just need to make some healthy changes for my own good

In contrast, how does a fat person think?

  • I ate something I shouldn’t have. I might as well go off my diet for the rest of the day.
  • Dieting is so hard! I’ll never be able to do it!

Now, let’s look at what will make you think like a thin person and will keep you motivated:

  1. Prepare an ‘Advantage Card’. Record the advantages of losing weight on this card. Read this card at least twice a day. It will help you resist temptation.
  2. Put a reminder system on your cell phone to remind you to read the Advantage Card several times a day.
  3. Identify the wrong thought process. Replace it with helpful thoughts instantly. If you see a piece of cake and feel like eating it, immediately switch your thought process by reminding yourself that your weight loss is more important.Say to yourself, “If I eat the piece of cake it will give me momentary pleasure, but afterwards I will feel terrible for having broken my diet”.
  4. Give yourself credit when you follow your weight loss program properly. This is very important to keep yourself going.
  5. Set a realistic and achievable goal for yourself, 1kg loss per week is an appropriate goal.
  6. Learn to differentiate between Hunger, Desire and Craving. Talk to a clinical psychologist for help.
  7. Thin people do not like the feeling of fullness, whereas the overweight derive satisfaction when they eat beyond the point of normal fullness. Now merely switch your definition of fullness. Remind yourself that you will be able to eat again.
  8. Handle your negative emotions without indulging in an eating spree. You can seek some other relaxation technique such as taking massages, doing breathing exercises etc.

The more often you think like a thin person, the more automatic your thinking process will become. Soon it will become your habit. You will not only achieve your desired weight but also maintain it easily.