Nothing looks more gorgeous than a glamorous pair of high heels. It gives a new sense of confidence and stature. Unfortunately, it can also lead to some problems like discomfort and muscle fatigue. Some joint function changes can be seen in the ankle, knees, and back. No matter how much it hurts, all you see is the beauty of it!

Here we are sharing some simple tips to walk in heels without pain:

* Get your shoe size measured accurately at least once every year. The feet can change over the years and the size can differ with brands, so know the right size!

* If the shoe is pinching at the store, it won't get really better later. DO NOT BUY IT. 

* Taping of the toes is an old and effective technique to support the feet in high heels. Tape your 3rd and 4th toe counting from your big toe. Obviously cannot be done for the peep-toe sandals.

* Wear your heels with socks at home before wearing them out. Loosens them a bit and feels more comfortable.

* Opt for a uniform heel like a platform instead of a stiletto. Wedges are even better.

* Prefer leather shoes. Leather is more breathable and flexible.

* Buy heels with straps and buckles. These give more support than slip-ons.

* Use gel insoles to give that extra support and cushioning.

* Vaseline can be applied on the inside of the shoe where it is biting to prevent blisters or shoe bites.

* Take breaks. Remove your heels just for a few moments in between long stretches to relax your feet and toes. Rotate your ankles too in between.

* Learn to walk properly in heels.  Improve your posture. Walk with your neck and spine straight. Pull in your stomach. Knees would be slightly bent. While placing the foot, it is the heels first then toes. Always heel-toe pattern.

*  Walk with small slow steps. Small steps make the walk more comfortable.