You must have seen many commercial ads where they shows you should not stop for periods, do your routine things but is it really good for women health? What should you do for smooth cycle? You will get all the answers here. Ayurveda is one such science which knows the importance of normal cycle for women health. 

In ayurvedic texts there is very detailed description about what should a woman do during menstrual cycle and about menstrual disorders like scanty flow, heavy flow, painful periods, back ache, constipation, mood swings, anxiety, depression etc. Unlike many believes that menstrual discomforts is normal, Ayurveda says menstrual cycle should be free from any discomfort but now a days every other woman is suffering from some or the other menstrual problem, by following some simple ayurvedic diet and lifestyle changes during cycle along with some herbal support you can make your difficult days of period into opportunity to balance disturbed dosha in body.

1. Take rest- As during menstruation vata dosha is dominant in body if you do excessive physical or mental work, it is going to aggravate vata dosha which is the main cause of all types of menstrual discomforts that is why it is very important to relax during periods, don't force yourself too much, respect the need of body to relax. 

2. Light food- balanced digestive fire is basis of good health. In Ayurveda digestive strength is given lot of importance during menstrual cycle it is advised to eat light, warm and fresh food, avoid spicy, salty, sour, raw vegetables, non-vegetarian, junk, frozen and  fried food. 

3. Routine -

* Have meal on regular time.

* Avoid staying up late night. 

* Do not hold natural urges.

* Avoid loud music, binge watch, long walk, heavy exercise, lifting weights and gossiping. 

* Do meditation, pranayam to relax mind. 

* Read and listen positive things. 

* Follow above points for 3 days of menstruation. 

* Take support from ayurvedic herbs if suffering from any menstrual disorder without delay.