The most precious part of our body is our skin only. while looking at the texture of skin itself we can guess the age of the person.

we will get sorrow very easily, when we see a small spots on our skin.

Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.

here are some amazing tips to get clear skin:

  • Take Care Your Skin

           Use home made face wash (like green gram, bengal gram) and rub the face gently. 

  • Nourish Daily

          Take lot of milk, dairy product, nuts, fruits and vegetable.

            drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day to drain out all impurities.

  • Say "NO" to Oily food, pizza, burger

         While taking these foods, the fat is accumulate in our skin. so, we get pimples very easily. And also that pimple leave the mark which is ugliest. by, avoiding these types of food , we can welcome the clear skin.

  • Get Rid of Black Marks in Joints

             While placing hands in the table, kneeling down for prayers, sitting in floor etc. , while doing these activities elbow, knee, ankle joint colour are so black, to overcome this ,

         Apply lemon juice in coconut oil apply daily on that place. You will notice the miraculous changes in that place within few days.

                  Apart from these there are wonderful homeopathic Skin remedies based on your ailments.

     Make use of this and get a marvelous Skin.