Traditionally known to be a profession for teaching children here are some details about The Profession of Speech Language Pathology. 

Speech Language Pathology, sometimes referred to as Speech Therapy, is a allied health care profession which exclusively deals with rehabilitation of persons with Swallowing, Communication, Cognition, Language, Speech, Voice, Articulation, reading, and other skills. In other skills such as sensory impairment, writing SLP has an important role to play. 

A Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) is a allied health care professional who practices, promotes and advocates the philosophy of Speech Language Pathology. A SLP is a specialist in the areas of personal, educational, occupational, and social context. These may include: 

  • Developing Communication skills through modes such as auditory-verbal, visual-gestural, Orthography or any of the available and suiting combinations.
  • Developing Cognitive skills for effective use of knowledge and Language in cognitive and executive functions of activities of daily living. 
  • Developing Language skills for appropriate and efficient use of concepts and communication through verbal or orthogrpahic modality. 
  • Developing Speech skills for appropriate and efficient use of verbal Language to be heard, understood, and acted upon by the communicating partner.
  • Developing Voice skills for appropriate and effective use of vocal structures to communicate through spoken verbal language. 
  • Developing Articulation skills for appreciate and effective use of oral structures for pronunciation of speech sounds for communication.
  • Developing Reading and Writing skills for appropriate and effective use of knowledge of orthographic language knowledge in communication, education and expressing ideas. 
  • Developing Readiness to learning for exploring the world around by attaining, retaining and executive concepts and skills in activities of daily living.

These domains may be affected in the medical conditions in the domain of Child development disorders, Progressive and Non-progressive Neurological Disorders, Head and Neck Cancer, aging, and other specific conditions such as voice disorders, stammering.