No matter however hard we tend to deny the existence of the scalp parasites, the history of such stubborn parasites have always infested the mankind’s hair, scalp health and mental peace. These parasites, better known as lice, are deep enrouted in our hair’s roots and propagate at a faster rate than our elimination ability. Though promoted by the lack of scalp and hair care measures, these can easily be transferred to the other healthy scalps as well via close contact. The only way we can deal with them is an Ayurvedic war that eliminates their whole hierarchical structure present in the various corners of our scalp. Let’s begin on the note of how!


Though used as an effective measure to keep the parasites and microorganisms away, camphor always comes handy when in battle with the stubborn lice society infested on your scalp. Simply infuse it in your shampoo, oil or any hair care product you might use on your scalp and let the lice taste the new medicine of defeat.


Tested since ancient days of Ayurveda, neem has always been known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. With the various forms available of neem, be it an oil or neem paste made from the dried and grinded neem leaves, you can always find it easy to apply it all over your hair and scalp for an effortless removal of lice.

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the best hair care products is undoubtedly the apple cider vinegar which has been used as a hair shine tonic, time and again. But apart from the usual hair conditioning properties, apple cider vinegar is also known for its removal of deeply obstinate scalp parasites. 

Garlic Infused Oil

Garlic with a pinch of a strong smell is known to drive away the infestive inhabitants present on our body or hair and is an effective lice remedy since ages now. Having a strong smell allows it to keep the lice away while its anti-inflammatory properties heal the lice scars on your scalp and helps it recover faster than anything. The only factor along with these known and effective remedies against lice remains your consistency with the application and combing out the unwelcome guests on your scalp.