Prevention is better than cure. An age old saying, that certainly never loses its importance! Although modern medicines are there to help you in sickness, most part of the job has to be done by you. In order to live a healthy life, it is important to have a strong immune system. It is this immune system that will protect you from everyday health challenges.

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Strengthening your immune system is no rocket science. Here are some really simple and easy 7 ways that can help you increase your immunity.

1) Eat Healthy

There is no alternative to eating healthy food. All those diet colas and french fries are definitely not contributing to better immunity. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet with regular intake of protein (source can be both animal and plant).

2) Exercise

We all have excuses when it comes to exercise. However, doing some form of physical activity is one of the best ways to build immunity. Pick any activity of your choice (jogging, swimming, yoga, aerobics) and do it at least 5 times a week.

3) Sleep well

Do not compromise your sleep time. Poor sleeping hours decrease your immunity level. Studies show that people who sleep for more than 8 hours a day have better immune system than compared to those who sleep poorly.

4) Reduce stress

Stress is bad. Over 70% of health problems today happen because of increased levels of stress. Needless to say that it hampers immune system too. Acute levels of stress can cause cold, body pain and allergies too.

5) Get that sunlight

Vitamin D is good for immunity. And sunlight is one of the most easily available sources for it. Exposing yourself for atleast 15 to 20 min everyday in the sunlight is highly beneficial. It will boost your immunity - naturally!

6) Home remedies

Your kitchen is the storehouse of health. Don’t always grab a medicine if problem can be solved with a simple home remedy. Like in case of a simple cold, you can opt for ‘Tulsi’ tea (a herb with immense medicinal properties) instead of a tablet from the nearest pharmaceutical shop.

7) Vaccinations

Vaccinations are not limited to childhood. In fact, as we grow old, it becomes even more important to get vaccinated. Keep yourself updated with the latest vaccines (ask your doctor) and make sure you follow the routine.

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 Follow these simple steps and you will see that your immunity has improved by many folds. Stay happy and have positive thinking. Mental wellbeing is extremely important for you to have a healthy life!(Note: Conclusion can be just a quick wrap up. However, if you feel that your post does not require a conclusion, it is