At 30,Life turns around. Some of us are parents and some are planning. We start worrying about aging and think of staying as young as possible. Here, I would like to suggest various treatments to keep in-mind and start following,that can help us age gracefully in this decade between 30-40 years. Most of the treatments suggested here involve regular habit forming.

1.   First and foremost, the simplest is the schedule based treatment – Sunscreen, minimum SPF 30. It needs to be applied regularly at least 15 minutes before setting in the daylight. It will protect your skin from harmful UV rays and minimize aging. Always select a sunscreen with good Sun protective factor (SPF)

2.   Retinol based products in the night – ROC pro correct serum. It’s antioxidant feature protects the skin from harmful oxidants in the air and maintains skin tone 

3.   Peels like glycolic acids – at home by pool pads – twice in a week at night. It will help remove the unwanted pigment and renew the layer of skin providing a fresh look to your skin every time 

4.   Increase the uptake of Antioxidant rich food items like oranges, avocado, Indian gooseberry (Amla), carrots etc.  

5.   Restrict sugar diet and get tested for insulin and sugar levels as they negatively affect your skin.Increased blood sugar levels can lead to skin darkening and thickening  

6.   Get Photofacials once in 6 weeks for keeping your skin pigment free and plumpy  

7.   Botox for your forehead lines,eye lines and around the neck lines – 2-3 times in a year. The effects of the Botox lasts for around 3-6 months and there needs to be regular touch-up to keep it as natural as possible 

8.   Skin booster therapy – rich in hyaluronic acid – to have that glow and hydration of your skin. It must be done on the whole body including your hands and feet.

9.   A common problem starts i.e Jawline sagginess; one must start with Radiofrequency (RF) based skin tightening procedures, like thermitight or thermage or Ultrasound (US) based therapy like ultherapy – once a year. These are the latest procedures, very popular in foreign countries. They help tightening the skin and brings a younger look to the neck and face 

10. Hair fall or thinning usually starts at this age, so I recommend doing PRP (injectable) or non-injectable (LLLT) to maintain your hair thickness and retain density and lustre.

Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) is a growth factor enriched serum prepared from your own blood.It is injected in small quantities in the affected area where it provides growth factors for hair thickening and decrease the hair fall to some level.Low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) is a treatment procedure which can be done at home and at clinic. A helmet is worn over the head which emits laser light to stimulate the hair to thicken and decreases the hair fall to some level. Once-Twice weekly for 20 minutes can help maintain a long lasting hair. 

Have a happy and healthy decade of forties.