Every summer has a story to be written & lived. May not be a 'bad health' spoil the script of an amazingly enjoyable summertime. Here is HOW TO SAVE OURSELVES FROM SUN SPELLS...

Here come some of the simplest things around that one should eat & drink to do away with the scorching summer heat.START having these SUPER SUMMER SMART SLURPY SIPS & amazingly SIMPLE recipes to eat !!!

Before that, let us take a tour along the lanes of Diet Principles to be followed in summer season---

1. GO AQUA...have lots & lots of  non refrigerated water & foods that are naturally loaded with water, vitamins & minerals. Prefer coconut water over COLD DRINKS. Avoid drinks that have diuretic(water eliminating) effect, like TEA & COFFEE, even when cold.

2. Have plenty of SOUR FOODS sweetened with mishri or bhoorashakkar. Jaggery can be used in moderation as it is slightly alkaline. These have high VITAMIN C content & are great body cleansers like kokum,imli,amla,ber, kairi,karaunda, fresh charoli,cherry & safed imli.

3. Eat foods that are ‘ALKALINE’ in nature i.e. locally available fresh fruits & vegetables in ample. Enjoy goodness of musk melon(cantaloupe),watermelon, mangoes, lychee, orange, grapes, papaya, pineapple, tender coconut, fresh figs & apricots among fruits. Vegetables of the cucumber family like lauki, torai, ghiya torai, chikni torai, kaachra, parval, kheera, kakdi, kaddutinda and 

of-course onion are  a boon in summertime.Do you remember 'as cool as cucumber'....

4. Avoid dairy products like paneer, milk, yogurt but fresh BUTTERMILK,GHEE & BUTTER is better.

5. Avoid oily foods as very little OIL & OIL SEEDS & NUTS are needed by the body in summers.

6. Avoid -heavy to digest- DRY FRUITS which generate more energy & therefore heat also. Go cool with soaked munakkakismis, badam, anjeer, kharbooj-tarbooj ke beej & khas khas.

7. GARLIC, HONEY, YOGURT, & LEMON should be avoided specially by people with ‘pitta prakriti ’since the humour 'pitta' is at its peak in summers says Ayurveda.

8. Avoid grains like BAJRI, MAKKA, and RAJGIRA & prefer JOWARI, BARLEY & NACHNI & wait for new crop of wheat to be had in the form of delicious gehu khichda on & after 'Akshay Tritiya'.

9. Avoid pulses like SOYABEAN,TUAR & KULTHI. Prefer MOONG & CHANA which takes care of the bilious disturbances & surge in body heat. ROASTED grains & pulses like phutana, murmura,lhai,poha,etc. is a good choice. Flour of roasted chana & wheat callled 'sattu' is a super food  and a natural coolant indeed on sunny days.

10. Avoid SPICES like lal mirch, ajwain, danamethi, garammasala, haldi, laung & kalami. Prefer kali mirch, jeera, dhaniya, amchur, saunf to flavour the dishes. Use herbs with cooling effect like hara dhaniya, pudina as well as khus, kewada & gulaab.

A wet paper never catches fire similarly a well hydrated person never gets a sunstroke!

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