1.Recount the case of one of patients, suffering from
stress-induced backpain? And how did you treat her?

A 32 yr old lady, married since 3yrs , was refered to me by
an orthopaedic doctor. She complained of backache since 2years. Backpain was
changable ,it was sometimes at lumbar or cervical region. She also had weakness
and dullness. The orthopeadic was treating her since few months but in vain.
Her x ray and blood reports were normal.

After  taking her
case in detail I came to know that she had conflicts with her husband and in
laws. She was depressed and hurt.

The above case clearly showed that her physical symptoms were
stress induced i.e. psychosomatic disease. Physical symptoms caused due to high
level of stress are called psychosomatic disorders like migrane headaches,
urticaria, eczema, psoriasis, irritable bowel syndrome, hairfall, allergic
rhinitis etc.

I treated her with constitutional homeopathic medication and  counseling. She was cured with in few

2.As a homeopathic
physician and a stress counsellor, what suggestions do you recommend to combat
this problem?

When people are experiencing stress, muscles tighten.
Tightening of the muscles is not harmful, but can end up causing pain for many
people. The reason pain typically accompanies tight muscles is due to the muscles
squeezing the blood vessels, blocking some of the blood flow to the muscles.
Since blood carries oxygen to the muscles, this means the muscles are becoming
deprived of oxygen, which is what creates the pain.

Homeopathic treatments  help to successfully deal with stress
and the complaints that they present. By looking at the body as a whole
homeopathy can help resolve the core underlying issues as well as the symptoms.
Homeopathy works to correct
the underlying causes to distress.