Every year , Seven million deaths world wide due to Smoking ...

Alarming rise in COPD, TB, Lung Cancer, Hear Diseases, Brain Strokes, Pregnancy Complications

Sadly 9 Lakh deaths are due to #PassiveSmoking (second hand smoke)

Here are some positive changes on #StoppingSmoking

After 8 Hours - Carbon Monoxide levels start decreasing, Oxygen levels start Increasing in Blood

After 72 Hours - Lungs (Bronchial Tubes) start Relaxing

After 3 Months - Circulation, Breathing, Brain Functions Start Improving

After 1 Year - Heart Risk (Heart Attacks, Sudden deaths) decreases by 50 %

After 5 Years - Stroke risk (Brain hemorrhage) decreases significantly

After 10 Years - Lung Cancer risk decreases significantly

Smoking not only affects the smoker, it also affects his loved ones (#StopPassiveSmoking)