If you have found your teeth to be stained or discolored, chances are you have gone some lengths to achieve a whiter, brighter smile. Perhaps you have experimented with a variety of toothpastes that are shown on tv, show casing your favourite actresses, but futile in your trials?

Today, however, there is no need to suffer from social embarrassment or psychological trauma because of stained or discolored teeth. Suitable cosmetic dental treatment can provide both predictable and positive long term results. For that you need to know about types of stains,

Stains may be:

  • External Stains
  • Internal stains

Why do teeth stain?

There are a number of reasons that teeth stain. 

  • Foods that have high hue,staining capacity, added flavours and preservatives- Kala Jamun,  Betel nuts, Blue berries
  • Repeated consumption of Beverages, aerated drinks  (cola, coffee and tea)
  •  Medications -tetracyclins when taken by pregnant woman, have a very hazardous effect on the developing fetous' teeth.
  • Poor oral hygiene and rampanat use of tobacco and its related substances. (Smoking / ghutka)
  • Fluorosis (High fluoride content, in the water during development of permanent teeth ) 

What you can do...

  • Limit the amount of coffee and tea in daily diet
  • Avoid smoking

What a dentist will do...

  • If poor oral hygiene- scaling and polishing is the cause of stains scaling and polishing is carried out.
  • For tetracycline and fluorosis (mild) stains bleaching (Night Guard method &  LASER (immediate) method) will be done.

If stains are mild bleaching is done.

If there is pitting and stains are moderate- a neat composite restoration is placed

If severe stains are present can undergo for laminates veneers and crown