1. Eat healthy: Eating healthy is a priority on your holiday. Maximize the good (meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts) and minimize the bad (junk food, processed grains and carbs, sugary beverages, etc). If you are traveling with family or friends, let them know that you are making a concerted effort to eat better.

2. Plan in advance: While travelling route to your destination, you tend to spend a lot more time on road or at picnic spots than normal. Carry your snacks along for healthy munching when hunger strikes. Pack some fruits and nuts into your to-go bag and make a smart move for your waistline and wallet.

3. Take food on time: Stick to your eating schedule to avoid excessive hunger pangs and cravings. When you don't eat on time, your body undergoes stress, spiking your insulin level. Have small meals every 3-4 hours so you don't feel hungry. This also helps to keep your metabolism revved up for when you need it most.

4. Dehydration will get you tired and exhausted, which increases your appetite so drink up (beer and cocktails don't count!). Carrying that bottle will stop you from gorging unnecessarily or missing out on any adventurous plan. Ensure you drink clean, distilled water to avoid catching any water-borne diseases on your trip.

5. If you exercise everyday, don't let the holiday throw you off your routine. Don't sit around or ride the cab all day long. Try walking instead to places, go for a jog around the block, take a hike, toss a Frisbee, or just swim! The point is to stay active throughout. 

6. If kids or anyone else ever come up to you begging or holding out a piece of paper/cardboard or something else in front of them, push it away immediately and secure your belongings. This is just a distraction so their nifty little fingers can get at your valuables.

7. If you’re travelling on trains or you need to secure your bags temporarily (even if you’re sitting right next to them), then consider getting a backpack & bag mesh protector which encases your bag in a wire mesh and allows you to lock it securely to something to avoid it being taken. 

8. To help keep your possessions as safe as possible in your room both when you’re there or when you’re not, consider a travel door alarm to alert you of any suspicious activity.

9. Keep a note of your credit card numbers and the telephone numbers needed to cancel them (but not the security number and/or expiration date). Whilst some people advise making photocopies of the front & back of your card, if these get mislaid or stolen the thief can use the details to order online.You can keep a soft copy of your cards, password-protected on your laptop if you must.

10. Unless you’re in a touristy area where everyone else is doing the same, the  be careful about getting your map out and trying to figure out where you are. The same goes for standing in the middle of the road and pointing vigorously to specific points of interest in the distance – another dead giveaway that you’re less than a local.

11. As you’re walking around unfamiliar areas, especially in the dark, take note of specific landmarks, buildings and amenities. If you ever feel threatened, it’s useful to know a ‘friendly’ place you can duck into (the nearest shop, bar, cafe, gas station, mini mart or restaurant) as soon as you can to either call for help or wait until the threat has passed.

12. Depending upon where you are, you may want to consider always leaving your laptop, jewelry, watches or other expensive items at home rather than carting them around with you. Whilst some people have had bad experiences of laptops and valuables being stolen whilst left in a room/apartment, being robbed of an item directly from your person can be a far more unpleasant experience. Plus, you’re increasing the chance of something else happening (like dropping it or losing it) whilst you’re out and about.

It's easy to get off track when you're taking a nice long break. But we all know you wouldn't want to regret those extra kilos when you get back. So follow 

these quick tips and stay on the healthy side. After all, just because you are on vacation, doesn't mean your diet should be.