The damage that smoking can cause to your health is well documented and besides the graphic warnings about lung cancer and other pulmonary and  heart problems that it can cause, there is another not so well known problem that smoking cigarettes can create, and that is to trigger erectile dysfunction.

More and more studies are showing that men who smoke have a much higher risk of having sexual problems than those who don’t. 

The trouble is that young men who smoke think that they are not going to face this problem as they feel they are doing alright when it  comes to performing in bed. What they don’t realise is that erectile dysfunction will manifest itself more and more as they age and keep smoking.

The good news is that if they quit smoking early, it will not only improve their chances of living longer but also improve their sex life as their level of arousal and erection will go up. 

And remember that even if you are not suffering from erectile dysfunction yet, if you quit smoking you will reduce your chances of suffering from this problem later on in life as long time smokers are 2 times more likely to suffer from impotence than non smokers.

Now, I know that quitting smoking is tough and just your will power may not be enough to make you give it up but with the support of your family and friends, and the having a proper "quit" plan in place you can do it. You can also take guidance from a medical professional on how to kick this habit.

Hopefully this piece of information will motivate smokers to quit and lead a healthier life in general and improve their sex life as well because smokers breath is the least of their concerns when it comes to intimacy.