Are the widths of your central incisors in good proportion with your other front teeth?

If you said no..

Central incisors that are too wide or lateral incisors that are too narrow can make your face appear fatter.Front teeth that are too narrow may make your face appear too elongated.

A straight smile is a happy smile!

The patient was unhappy with crooked,worn,and chipped teeth.Although orthodontic treatment would have been an ideal option,cosmetic contouring was selected.1-hour painless procedure was all it took to reshape the teeth and create an illusion of straightness.In one carefully planned appointment old smile was transformed into a new happy smile that matches cheerful personality.

Before selecting cosmetic contouring:
  • Dentist will evaluate the effect contouring may have on your teeth.Your bite must continue to be correct if the health of the teeth ,as well as the proper distribution of pressure during normal oral functioning,is to be maintained.
  • The thickness of the tooth enamel must be checked.The removal of too much enamel can expose the dentin,resulting in discoloration and possibly sensitivity.
  • A conflict may arise between maintaining optimum function and achieving maximum esthetics. Final decision should be based on a trade-off among esthetics,the degree of bite change,and the health of the teeth.
  • Cosmetic contouring should not be performed on children's teeth.It can cause slight sensitivity-not only during procedure but afterward-because they have a larger amount of sensitive pulp tissue.

A beautiful smile with no braces:

This attractive new smile was conservatively accomplished in two appointments involving a wax-up,cosmetic contouring and composite resin bonding.

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