ED in itself sounds like something which is embarrassing and is a topic which surrounds a lot of social stigma. The inability to attain an erection, or even sustain it for a desired period of time can cause a lot of stress and performance anxiety which ultimately leads to loss of self-confidence. But this is a very common problem and in 95% of the cases it is solved by making small but significant lifestyle changes. 

Erectile Dysfunction and its causes

The inability to feel sexually aroused, or simply not being able to get aroused physically can be caused by mental health issues or physical health illnesses. Physical health issues which are caused by millennial lifestyle like, diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, substance abuse or alcohol dependency play a huge role in your sexual health.

Sometimes there are diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s which affect our nervous system, the damage caused by these diseases is generally irreversible but maintaining regular medication and diet can help cope up with these illnesses and in turn give you a healthy sexual life in the long run.

The best treatment is to adopt a healthy lifestyle

Any good sexologist that you consult to will advise you against the medication available in the market which claims to give you an erection for a desired period of time. These medications are not approved by the FDA and can cause serious and sometimes irreversible side effects. 

Thus the safest and the best option is to make lifestyle changes. Start with basics like eating healthy, setting a sleep schedule, exercising regularly, taking your medications if any. Then start cutting down on alcohol consumption and quit smoking and the use of any illegal drugs. Going to therapy to manage stress or treat anxiety is the next step. If you think that you and your partner are experiencing sexual tension the it’s a good idea to explore Couples therapy. Starting with the basics is the key here, these will help you in the long run.