Sleep is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of our health. The neglected sleep is now causing severe physical and mental health problems.  Sleep is a state of rest for mind and body. Lack of rest can tear you down. Sleep can build you up both physically and mentally.  The extended deprivation can cause Weight gain, Depression, Diabetes and Cardiac Problems. Sleep has a deep impact on your mental health –How you feel about life, in general, will be dictated by your sleep quality.

Power Tips to overcome sleep issues: 

  • Work Smart: If you believe hard work will make you successful you are right to an extent. But in long-term long hours, it will wear you out. If you start your day well rested and work smarter you can be more productive. Sleep is the foundation of your success. 
  • Avoid Screen: Our eyes were not given to us for night Time Screen sucking and staring. Please get over this disease. This habit suppresses our chemicals that induce sleep. Instead, pick up a book and listen to light music. Now you know why Babies sleep well when sung a lullaby. 
  • Room Temperature: Unless you are from Tundra maintain an optimal temperature in your bedroom. Keep it cool but not freezing cold. Your body will get anxious and stressed.  Do you know why babies sleep deeply in mother’s lap? It’s warm and cosy. Your room should be like that. Additionally, make your room clutter free and have a sleep schedule.  
  • Nasal Congestion: Do you get up often during sleep due to Nasal Congestion. It may be due to allergies. Use steam inhalation and keep your room clean Use vacuum cleaners to keep dust off your room. Weather change may be another reason. Talk to your physician if you suspect allergies that are causing Nasal Congestion.   

Sleep has the power of giving us a long and healthy life. Doctors can only give you sedatives to convert you into a Zombie. Take charge of sleep. Dream while sleeping and not when you are awake.  

Sleep Tight. Reclaim Sweet Dreams.