Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that involves moving individual hair follicles from one part of the body (the donor site)to bald or balding parts (the recipient site). It is primarily used to treat  Male Pattern Baldness

Surgery by Follicular Hair Transplant is better in many ways:

Transplanted Hair Looks and feels natural unlike wig.

Transplanted hair remain undetectable among the other hair

Transplanted hair grows and keeps growing permanently unlike the hair ofwig and the regrown hair by Medication

Do not require extra maintenance or care unlike wig, which require lifetime care.

TheTransplanted hair can be cut,colored and styled aswell

Transplantation normally has one time expense unlike medication or wig which require lifetime expense

It is a One day Procedure performed by numbing the skin so the person can talk with doctor, watch TV, listen to music, read,take a nap, have lunch and juice and even go to toilet!! Patient can take shoulder bath from same day and can shampoo hairs from 3rd day .Light office work from second day.If you are from outstation you may travel back same or the next day, minimum follow-up is required thereafter.