These days’ different types of skin problems are very common which can be due to specific reasons that include:·     

  • Warts and Molluscum are caused by viral infections
  • Allergies to certain things like pollen, food, drugs etc. can result in urticaria    
  • Melasma/ hyperpigmentation and severe acne can occur as a result of hormonal imbalances

According to homoeopathic principles, skin complaints are the local manifestations of the internal disease/imbalances, so any external application may only give temporary relief or would suppress it for a time being but it can’t cure it completely – Homoeopathic medicines that would act internally have the potential to cure the root cause and in this way provide a permanent solution to the otherwise chronic, difficult to manage, skin problems. Skin problems are among the commonest reasons for which people, seek homeopathic treatment. It is seen that when the wonderful homoeopathic remedies are mis-prescribed / self-prescribed, they disappoint with the results because of the fact that no single drug would workin the same way in the two individuals --There can’t be any specific remedy and the selection of dose, potency is based on age, severity, chronicity, and the sensitivity of the patient. Every dose and potency unfolds different layers of disease and requires physician’s expertise in selecting the individualized remedy. Exact dose and potency of this individualized homoeopathic medicines have shown the wonderful effects in many patients who were otherwise disappointed after trying every other possible treatment options. 

Let your flawless skin shine and reflect ‘The Healthy You'