1) Saving natural tooth  is always a better option compared to''etraction and replacement''  because it is only your natural tooth that has the ability to give you that right feel about chewing food as it signals the brain via nerve connections. don't loose your teeth.

2) With the advent of morden equipments and facilities the success rate of a root canal treatmant , when done correctly, has increased greatly

3) Root canal treatment is an atraumatic procedure unlike extraction

4) The post operative pain and discomfort is way less in a root canal procedure over extraction

5) Studies have now shown that not all teeth going for a root canal treatment require the patient to consume oral antibiotics . Hence no need to consume tablets that can cause acidity and GI disturbance.

5) Please do not forget to crown your root canal treated teeth as they need to be protected from cracking while they help you chew and enjoy food

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