Antifungal powders and soaps are prescribed by many dermatologists in their practice. There is a lack of evidence to prove their role in the treatment of fungal infections. However these are useful as adjuvants and can be used for maintenance of better hygiene.Daily bath is almost a norm in India.Better compliance can be achieved by incorporating medications in soaps.Potassium permanganate compresses are used in the management of tinea pedis. However aggressive bathing should be avoided in order to preserve the pH of the skin. Antifungal powders are not useful in eradicating the infection. However they prove beneficial in preventing reoccurrence of the infection. A variety of antifungal shampoos are available for the treatment of scalp fungal infections. These include shampoos containing selenium sulphide, zinc pyrithione, povidone iodine and ketoconazole. They are generally used for 3 to 4 times a week. Antifungal shampoos might cause dryness of scalp and the patient should be counselled regarding the same. Shampoos are just adjunctive in cases of tinea capitis and should be used along with oral anti fungal agents. Hence shampoos, soaps and powders are supportive treatment which help in relapse of fungal infection. Their role is limited in actual eradication of the infection.