There are many researchers around the world are finding the criteria for return to play criteria, however high evidence researches have also not been able to identify it. 

Some criteria that are given by FIFA and F-MARC, which MnM Physiotherapy centre is following are;

  1. Regarding the type and site of injury, it is mandatory to follow the biological time of progression.
  2. To return to football, there must be no clinical symptoms and an USS static and dynamic test demonstrating good quality tissue healing.
  3. High explosive eccentric strength must be demonstrated in a sport-specific and injury-relevant manner.
  4. Work with core and proprioception during recovery until relevant objective abilities are achieved. 
  5. This must show a normal step balance; normalised, symptom-free sport-specific parameters and individualised speed peaks (ideally derived from existing pre-injury match data). 
  6. The player should ideally participate in at least 5-6 normal training sessions with the team (typically three days comprising two training cycles) and comparing parameters with pre-injury data.