Worldwide, headache is a very common problem. Everyone suffers from a headache at least once if not more in their lifetime but the reason for a headache and types of headache are different. A headache means pain in the head, it can appear in the entire head or in some particular area of the head.

1) MUSCLE CONTRACTION HEADACHE: This is a more common type of a headache. nearly everyone has had muscle contraction headache at least once in their life. The pain of muscle contraction headache arises from tightening of the muscle of upper back, neck and scalp and this may result from any type of stress, whether physical or emotional. Extremes heat, cold, hunger, loss of sleep, a tiring drive and improper postures are all examples of physical stresses that can lead to muscle contraction headache.

The pain arises partly because the muscle is simply sore from being overworked and partly because the tension constricts blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the tiring muscle.

2) MIGRAINES AND VASCULAR HEADACHES: Many people use a word migraine generally for a headache but a migraine headache is different. During a migraine the blood vessels first become overly constricted and then widen abnormally. This sequence of constriction and widening affects the blood vessels on one side of the head more intensely and often it is pronounced in a particular area of the brain. The symptom of a migraine headache is directly related to those changes in the blood vessels. 

The most common warning symptoms of a migraine are:

  1. Disturbance of vision, colored zigzag lines
  2. Area of cloudy vision 
  3. Flashing light 
  4. Slurred speech
  5. Dizziness, depression
  6. Weakness or numbness of one side of the body
  7. Nausea, vomiting/diarrhoea
  8. Intolerance of light
  9. Sweating or chilliness

A migraine headache most commonly triggered by psychological stress but characteristic that the attack begins when the stress is relieved.


  1. High-pressure business people
  2. Going out without food
  3. Sleeping to long
  4. Bright light
  5. Food and drinks, nuts, chocolate, coffee, cheese, citrus, alcohol and some drugs
  6. A woman also suffers a headache related to menstrual period and menopause


  1. Take rest for some time
  2. Gentle massage on the painful area
  3. Relax your whole body ( your head and neck particularly)
  4. Do some easy exercise so that it relieves your tension muscles
  5. Meditate or pray
  6. Go into the fresh air and do anything that you find relaxing
  7. Listen to soft music



Headache due to exposure of cold and heat of sun, congestion and suppression of catarrh flow, after hair cut. Headache appears suddenly and violently. Pain is throbbing and pulsing nature. Due to noise and light pain aggravate. Tight bandage on head gives relief.


It is the most suitable medicine for headache due to sun exposure. Headache is throbbing, pulsating in nature. Marked congestion is felt in the head. Headache that increases as the sun rises and decreases as the sun falls. headache in place of menses. Headache better by bending head backwards and form covering.


Headache from tobacco, anger, grief, mental stress, bad news. Headache is worse on stopping and motion and by smoking or smoking tobacco worse when pressing for stool. Headache relived by lying on painful side and by urination.

4) IPECAC :-

It is one of the natural homeopathic medicine for headache attended with persistent nausea. Headache is mostly of aching or throbbing nature. Involving any part of the head.


Is recommended when vomiting appears with the headache. The vomiting is sour acrid, bitter nature. Vertigo and vision troubles may accompany such headache.


Kali phos mainly prescribe for mental stress and worry. The stress may be related to business and studies. Kali phos also prescribed for headache after physical exertion.


This medicine mainly recommended for pulsating headache is set off as soon as the eye feel any strain. Patient feels thousand hammers knocking on the head. Pain is bursting in nature pressure over the head and sleep gives relief.


It is prominently indicated where headache appears with constipation. Nux vomica also shows best result in gastric headache from eating heavy food or after consuming alcohol.


This medicine is the most effective for headache which is wandering in nature, during periods. The periods are irregular delayed and scanty.

10) SEPIA :-

Sepia one of the best homeopathic medicine for headache during menopause with menstrual irregularities. Bearing down pains in the uterus, mood swings,irritable and indifferent in nature are some accompanying symptom. Pressing and bursting type of headache. Aggravation by stooping, mental labor and better by external pressure and continued motion.