Doing enough of exercise and still not loosing weight ??

Here are the few reasons why you are not loosing weight..:

  • NOT KEEPING A RECORD OF WHAT YOU ARE EATING: Studies show that keeping record of your diet which you are having  helps with weight loss. one usually eat and increase the daily calorie intake which leads to weight gain. by keeping a record one knows what he has eaten and how much calorie he has increased in his diet on that day. so it is advised to keep a record of your diet.
  • NOT CONSUMING ENOUGH OF PROTEIN: Protein is the most important nutrient of loosing weight. protein not only provide feeling of fullness but it also increases your muscle mass. Taking high protein breakfast decreases the food cravings in the later half of the day and it also helps in maintaining the energy levels. protein rich diet also helps in increasing your metabolism. So it is important to include protein in your diet.
  • PORTION SIZE MAY BE THE MAJOR CULPRIT: Portion size is the most important thing to focus on. If you are taking proper diet and your portions are not in controlled then there is no use as it wont help in loosing weight. Portion size and time interval should be taken care off. one should take small meals in regular interval of time which also helps in maintaining energy levels.
  • YOU MIGHT BE DOING BINGE: Binge eating is the common habit what people do while they diet. Some people binge on junk food, while some binge on  healthy foods like fruits, nuts, etc. Even if you are having healthy food but still calories count. If there is increase in calories then it will reflect on your weight. 
  • MAY BE YOU HAVE STILL NOT DECREASED YOUR SUGAR CONSUMPTION: Sugar consumption need to be decreased. If you are having fruit juices and colas they have high sugar content. these things need to be decreased as it will disturb your diet. Instead of fruit juices you should switch over fresh fruits as it is more nutritious and will provide you with enough of fiber and feeling of fullness too.
  • SLEEP AND STRESS: Proper sleep and stress are the major concern while doing weight loss. Good and sound sleep is most important  for physical and mental health, as well as your weight. While you take stress you don't have a sound sleep. Stress is the major factor which hinders weight loss. stress and sleep move simultaneously.
  • NOT ENOUGH INTAKE OF WATER: Water is the most important nutrient. water not only increases your metabolism but it also helps in releasing out toxins out from your body in form of sweat and urine. Enough of water intake will also improve your skin too.
  • MAY BE DUE TO SOME MEDICAL CONDITION ASSOCIATED(If Any): There are certain medical condition which hinder weight loss like PCOD, hypothyroidism, sleep apnea. According to the medical condition one should take the diet so that no further problem can occur.   
  • MAY BE YOU ARE STARVING YOURSELF: Starving won't help you loose weight. Starving will cause weakness and when you are weak you are unable to do workout, diet and most important you are unable to concentrate and by this you take stress and by all these factors there won't be any weight loss.

Consult an experienced dietitian who have a good knowledge of food and nutrition. Happy journey to health.