What I learnt in the last few days:

  • Doctors should do their profession not service
  • Medicine is not a noble field, it is even worse than any other field
  • Doctors work more because they are greedy for more money especially if they work out of working hours or on weekends
  • People expect doctors to charge free and they are supposed to live on the crumbs thrown by generous patients
  • People hate doctors
  • Politicians are master manipulators. You can never win against them
  • Media is only interested in sensationalizing and doesn't care about the truth
  • All doctors need to wake up from the delusion that people have any love/gratitude for them.

I'm going to have lunch on time, spend time with family, attend functions, except for emergencies, I will not see patients at the cost of my health or family time.

Highly disillusioned doctor.