Loss of libido is very common issue that men suffer. In such a scenario, what sexologist suggests is to increase the consumption of either natural herbs or medications that can help in increasing the libido. In addition, there is no doubt in the fact that there is no dearth of misleading as well as dubious information available on the same. Some few clicks and you have right in front of you all the information. However, are you aware that this information might not be correct and complete? It can be misleading too. This is why consulting a sexologist doctor can help you go a long way.    

When it comes to increase libido power then there are gender differences. It is important for you to understand that medication and treatment prescribed by the sexologist vary from gender to gender. If the problem is being faced by the person because of psychological problems then one to one discussions are needed to treat the patient.

Tackle relationship problems

Now this is most important matter that you have to deal with. If you think that your sexual life is getting affected because of sour relationship problems,then, better pay attention to it. Take time out and spent it with your partner.It is obvious to feel the heat of frustration when your physical requirements remain unmet because of problems in your relationship.  If the need be, consult relationship counsel or who might help you in dealing with the situation.

Healthy Diet

Healthy diet is very important not only to stay athletically healthy but also sexually healthy. You might have heard about the word “aphrodisiac”, right? If you have not incorporated the same in your sexual life then give it a shot.  There are several natural food items that are known as libido power enhancers. Intake of such food can help in boosting sexual desire. Figs, bananas, strawberries, almonds, mangoes, celery,strawberries, eggs, garlic, raw oysters and the very delicious and sumptuous dark chocolates are the most common and preferred aphrodisiac foods.