There are several myths regarding psychotropic medications in our society. Through this article I will try to break few of them, to aware the public and remove stigma. Each myth will be followed by the associated fact.

  • Medications will change my personality/ make my brain weak - Medications work to correct what is wrong. It doesn’t change who you are nor make you weak.
  • Medications are addictive – with the exception of few, psychotropics cause little if any physical dependency. If taken under medical supervision safely tapering off them is possible.
  • Medications are for weak people, who can’t deal with everyday problems. – psychotropics are not stress reducers, they correct genuine disorders. Far from being a sign of weakness, it takes considerable strength to admit that you have an illness.
  • Psychiatrists give drugs to everyone who comes to them, I only need counseling.–Psychiatrists are the only health professionals who are trained to evaluate all biological, psychological and social factors involved with an illness. They are trained in psychotherapy as well as medication treatment and know which method to apply and when. Have faith in your doctor.
  • Why do I need to see a psychiatrist, can’t my physician/neurologist prescribe for me? –Psychiatrist is the only specialist in mental illness and in medications used to treat it. You wouldn’t expect your orthopaedician to operate your eyes, nor should your physician be expected to know everything about prescribing and monitoring psychotropic medications.

Psychotropics are effective but not some magic bullets. Recovery from severe mental illnesses often takes weeks or months, but the results are worth the wait.