Hello readers..

                             Are you in dilama whether your kid's teeth are properly erupting or not??

Here i have put a chart which shows age sequence of eruption & shedding of milk teeth & also eruption of permenant teeth..so just go through it & get knowledge about your child's teeth..keep smiling!!!!

there is a eruption pattern of teeth in our body..according to which we,humans have 2 sets if dentition:primary teeth & permenant teeth..In simple words,primary teeth development starts when the child is in mother's womb only..at the age of 6 months,milk teeth start erupting & this process continue till all primary teeth erupt in mouth..(till around 2-2&1/2 yrs of age).they work for years.then development of permenant teeth begin..permenant teeth start erupting in mouth at the age of 6yrs..then after the process of  shedding of deciduous teeth with eruption of permenant teeth at proper age(as shown in the chart)..it is all priorly decided by our body in different stages of development.