This thought struck my mind (the mind remains the same volume and size since so many years. After investing energy and time in the blockbuster movie of the year BAHUBALI on seeing the pregnant queen who was beaming with happiness and pride and the caption came from a calendar in our labour room. This is an important aspect these days because the mothers today have become more health conscious and want to get back into shape asap (thanks to the current fashion trends) which is a very good thing but it should not torture you mentally at all.

A woman has been gifted with the power of creation by the creator itself. I firmly believe that the pregnancy period should be a happy time in a female’s life. You should never conceive under anyone’s pressure solely because it's you who has to undergo everything from beginning to end and you should be ready to face it and carry forward the responsibility. And there should be no cribbing thereafter.

Becoming pregnant as I believe should be a decision made by choice and not by chance (although I was the first to break the rule myself, but was happily continuing it. The biggest concern about becoming pregnant is not the pregnancy itself but the aftermaths of weight gain during and after the delivery. Weight is and has always been a major stress factor especially in females and has constantly been after the XX gene. So I think let us talk about bloating a little.

An average weight gain should be ideally 11-13 kg considering that you weight pre-pregnancy is in the ideal weight category. A woman can gain excessive weight in pregnancy due to some underlying health problems and the excess weight gain is interlinked to many conditions as well. And the easy-going normal pregnancy can turn into a complicated one easily. There is something called as pregnancy cravings and most of the women have it and who don't have it are made to realize it and then starts the extra care and the extra weight gain. But the diet should be a balanced diet supplementing all nutritional requirements. (Its imperative for me to mention here that laddoos and dryfruits supplements us with few things and not all and gifts us huge calories too). Every thing has to be taken in a balanced diet form and enjoying the whole journey of pregnancy by eating whole heartedly but in proportion ofcourse. So visit a nutritionist while you are pregnant and eat to the fullest without guilt. The delivery time is a happy time and the fruit is rewarded in the form of a baby in your arms. The whole depression strikes in when you want to shed the weight easily in a little time and that does not seem to happen because you are breastfeeding the baby and you need to consume calories than too. But Ladies please note, the pregnancy weight will shed soon of course with the efforts (exceptions include me who have been lazy enough) so enjoy the phase, you can excuse yourself for being fat for a period in your life and not be depressed looking at the weighing machine. This period has to be enjoyed without the guilt and anxiety of the weight. 

Weight gain is temporary but the memories are permanent!