A lot of research on wine and beer indicates that one drink a day can help protect against heart stroke, coronary disease, dementia, and more. In fact, some studies suggest that drinking in moderation can actually help you keep the weight off! In a recent study at Texas Tech University, researchers determined that those who consumed a daily drink were 54 percent less likely to have a weight problem than teetotalers. Between one and two drinks a day results in a 41 percent risk reduction. But that’s where the good news ends. Consumption of three or more daily drinks increases your risk of obesity, says the study.

Wonder which are the unhealthiest alcoholic drinks and healthiest bar drinks?

One small bottle of regular beer approximately contains 140-180 calories.There are a number of factors on which it depends– carbohydrate content and alcoholic content. The higher the alcoholic content, the higher its caloric value!

Between beers & breezers, which is healthier & lower calorie?

Compared to breezers, beers have lower calorific value. Alcoholic breezers are loaded with sugar and can have a higher alcoholic content, both of which lead to more calories, and fat content.

Between draught beer and bottled beer, which is healthier?

Draught beer may contain upto 15% lower calories than bottled beer. But its slightly healthier, since it does not contain as many preservatives as bottled beer.

Note that, alcohol consumption does lead to fat storage. Indian genetics put us at a higher tendency to gain belly fat, so its very easy for Indian men to get a beer belly! Also, note that excessive alcohol consumption can cause man breasts.

How many calories are in beer?

Calories in 12 ounces of various popular imported beers in India:

Kingfisher: 120
Kingfisher ultra:90
Pilsner Uruqell: 160
Michelob: 15
Guinness: 153
Heineken: 150
Corona: 148
Budweiser: 145
Stella Artois:140
Beck’s – 140