In your quest to lose the fat, the little things can help. Here, we have a list of the top 5 fat burning foods, that can help your quest to a toned body!So, here are 5 of the top fat burning foods:


Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain that aids digestion and helps prevent inflammation and swelling. Bromelain is also supposed to promote brown fat in the body, which further helps fat burning. Pineapples also contain Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) which helps metabolize carbohydrates, helping in weight loss.


Caffeine, which speeds metabolism, is an active ingredient in many “diet pills.” Caffeine, breaks down fat, freeing fatty acids which are immediately burned. Best part is while the fat is being burned glucose, and amino acids (blood sugars) are being reserved, so blood sugar levels remain higher for longer. The brain functions exclusively on glucose, and higher blood sugar levels facilitate thinking.

Whey protein

A diet based on increased levels of protein has been shown in a number of studies to help increased weight loss, increased loss of body fat, and reduce the loss of muscle tissue.

A recent study has found whey to potentially reduce stress and lowers cortisol (fat storing hormone), increase brain serotonin levels (happy hormones). Whey protein balances the blood sugar levels as it takes longer to digest and this keeps you fuller for longer, reducing the need to snack or have large meals. Besides the whey protein supports muscle repair and recovery which speed up the metabolism aiding further weight loss.

Fish oil

The International Journal of Obesity reported that supplementing the diet with omega 3 fish oil (good fat) increases the number of fat calories burned in a single day. Omega 3 fish oil reduces the insulin levels by 50%. Insulin is a hormone that reduces the use of fat for fuel, while also promoting fat storage in the presence of excess calories.

Studies have shown that eating naturally oily fish (one serving) like salmon or fish oil supplements makes improves your overall health and reduces fat storage, specially around the belly area.


For every gram of fiber you eat, your body blocks seven calories from turning into fat. Apples contain the highest percentage of pectin, this is a soluble fiber. Fruits like oranges and peaches are rich in Vitamin C making it easier for the body to burn fat. A study done at the University of Colorado found that participants easily burned an extra 100 calories after ingesting the vitamin C.

Note: These foods are meant to facilitate fat burning. So, consuming loads of these foods will not make you skinny in a short time. You still need to exercise and eat appropriately, or get on a healthy weight loss plan.